FINALISATION OF THE REVIEW REPORT ON THE 2016 GENERAL ELECTIONS AND REFERENDUM The Commission is currently conducting a workshop to finalise the 2016 General Elections Report at Golden Peacock Hotel in Lusaka from 17th July to 21st July, 2017. The workshop which is attended by staff from Elections, Public Relations, Voter Education, Legal and Information Technology Departments is facilitated by Electoral expert Mr. Mwenda Mumbuna. The Review Report results from the election review process which was completed by the Commission last month.  In reviewing the 2016 General Election and Referendum, the Commission undertook Departmental reviews. It analysed local and international election observer reports and district reports by the Commission Field Staff. The Commission also undertook provincial reviews, where selected districts submitted reports on the conduct of the 2016 General Elections and Referendum.   The Elections, Information Technology (IT), Voter Education (VE) and Public Relations (PR) Departments held workshops to review their operations prior to, during and after the 2016 General Election and Referendum. The Election and IT Departments held five day workshops in Lusaka.  The IT Departmental review workshop comprised its Departmental staff and technical support officers based in Lusaka.  The Public Relations Department carried out its first phase of the election review with its internal staff.    The Elections and IT Departments held four day election review meetings in three provinces at which selected districts across the country were invited.  Four districts from each of the 10 provinces comprising city, municipality and rural districts were selected. In addition, the Election Department also conducted a two day workshop on the National and Provincial Election support Centers and Transparency Framework project.  The Voter Education Department review comprised of a two-day meeting of the National Voter Education Committee in Lusaka, a five day meeting with selected District Voter Education Committee (DVEC) members Chairpersons  in Lusaka and three day meetings in each province with Voter Education Facilitators and VE Department staff.  The PR Department conducted their second phase of the election review at which external media experts were invited in Lusaka.  The Legal Department conducted its 2016 General Election review as follows;   two days with National Conflict Management Committee members, two days with District Conflict Management Committee members and one day meeting with representatives from 10 political parties and another one day with representatives from 10 civil society organizations.  The Commission also reviewed International and local election observer reports and these included reports from Electoral Institute of Southern Africa (EISA), Zambia National Women’s Lobby (ZNWL), European Union Election Observer Mission (EU EOM), the Commonwealth Observer Mission and the Christian Churches Monitoring Group (CCMG).