2nd Press Briefing: Zambia Elections Poll day

ELECTORAL COMMISSION OF ZAMBIA Elections House, Haile Selassie Avenue, PO Box 50274, LUSAKA. 11th   August, 2016. PRESS BRIEFING BY THE CHIEF ELECTORAL OFFICER, MS. PRISCILLA ISAAC 17:00 HOURS AT MULUNGUSHI INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE CENTRE ON 11TH AUGUST 2016 Accredited Monitors and Observers, Members of the Press, Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, I welcome you all to this second briefing at the National Election Results Centre. Opening of Polling stations  The Commission wishes to confirm that voting in the following polling stations   which opened late as a result of terrain challenges which led to the late delivery of materials is in progress. a) Nalolo district   • Silowana Ward polling stations  • Yamakumba Ward and  • Shekela Ward b) Sioma district • Liandamo Ward • Mbume Ward The   lost time at the opening of these polling stations   will be compensated. Fading Official Marks The Commission has started distributing ink pads to some polling stations to supplement the fading official mark in addition to the instruction to the poll staff to put the word ‘official’ at the back of the ballot paper. All the ballot papers which were cast with faded official marks are valid and will be considered in the count.  Clarification on Serenje –Arrest of Mr Philip Kosamu  The Commission has received a report from the police about the incidence in Serenje involving Aspiring Candidate for Serenje Central Constituency Mr Philip Kosamu. The report from the police is that after Mr Kosamu cast his vote, he remained within the precincts of the polling station and he was seen talking to people on the queue. It is at this moment that he raised alarm among the voters who reported him to the police. This matter is being handled by the police. Missing Voters on the Register The Commission has received some reports of voters who are in possession of voter’s cards but are missing on the register. Most of these voters called the Commission toll free number and have been redirected to their rightful polling streams.  The Commission however regrets that some voters were placed in wrong polling stations during the voter registration exercise on account of similarities in the polling station names e.g. Voters who applied to register at St Marys in Lusaka were registered under St Marys in Nakonde and further, the affected voters did not verify their details during the inspection period otherwise their details would have been checked and corrected.   Peaceful Environment The environment in the country continues to be calm and peaceful as people vote. I wish to encourage all Zambians to remain calm throughout the whole process as we transition into the counting of votes after the closure of the polls, until the results are announced and declared.  Conclusion  I urge all registered voters who have not yet voted to go and vote. Polling stations are scheduled to close at 18:00hrs however, those voters who will be in the queue by 18:00hrs will be allowed to vote. Uniformed staff will stand behind the last person in the queue at 18:00hrs. Those Polling stations that opened late will remain open after 18:00hrs for the same period. NOTE: The next briefing will be at 21:00 hours today.