Commission Conducts Elections at ZIHRM AGM

The Electoral Commission of Zambia conducted elections on 2nd June, 2017 for the Zambia Institute of Human Resources Management (ZIHRM) at the ZIHRM 20th Annual General Meeting which was held at Avani Victoria Falls Hotel in Livingstone from 31st May to 2nd June, 2017. The 20th ZIHRM Annual General Meeting saw the election of a new Governing Council for the Institute. The team from the Commission which was tasked with the conduct of the elections comprised Senior Electoral Officer, Mr. Zachariah Kunda, ICT Support Officer Mr. Francis Masatunya, and Webmaster Mr. Kiss Abraham. Mr. Kunda who also was the Returning Officer for the election told the Weekly that the Commission as a specialised institution mandated to carry out elections in Zambia is approached by various organisations to facilitate institutional elections such as the election for the ZIHRM Governing Council. “Institutions can request the support of the Commission in conducting institutional elections and the Commission can provide the needed support” said Mr. Kunda who added that institutions which request the support of the Commission to conduct their elections can pay a nominal fee and cater for logistics for the provision of election support staff and election materials such as ballot papers and ballot boxes for elections to be held. And Chairperson of the ZIHRM Elections Committee Hon. Mr. Kapelwa Astley Mbangweta thanked the Commission for conducting free and fair ZIHRM elections.