Staff at the Commission attended a presentation by Consultant Clinical Oncologist at the Cancer Diseases Hospital Dr. George Nkonde Pupwe on 15th March, 2018 at Commission Headquarters. Dr. Pupwe said that cervical cancer is the leading cancer in women and is responsible for fifty percent of all cancers in Zambia. “This cancer can easily be treated if detected early,” said Dr. Pupwe who insisted that awareness and access to services are key for early cancer diagnosis. Dr. Pupwe told ECZ Staff that Zambia has devised a system of free walk-in clinics where women are screened with the Visual Inspection with Acetic-Acid (VIA) method. “This is a simple, reliable and cost-effective method for the detection of pre-cancerous lesions, which can then be treated on the spot with cryotherapy based on the “screen-and-treat approach.” The International Atomic Energy Agency website says that there are already 18 clinics conducting cancer detection tests through the VIA method in the country but plans are underway to set up screening and cryotherapy in every district hospital. Access to screening has to be accessible to all. Dr. Pupwe encouraged female staff at the Commission to undergo a pap smear for early detection of cancer. A pap smear is a procedure to check for cancer on the cervix. “Visit your local health facility for this important life-saving process.”