New Districts in the Pipeline

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) through the Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Unit has started working with some Councils in Eastern Province where the process of creating new districts has started. Systems Engineer ICT Support, Mr. Edward Tembo told The Weekly that five (5) districts have been earmarked to be created in Eastern Province. Mr. Tembo who is accompanied by Mr. Kedrick Sintufya, another Systems Engineer ICT Support said the duo are working with the planning units of the respective councils with the supervision of the Provincial Local Government Officer. Mr. Tembo said two districts have been earmarked to be created out of Lundazi District. The two Districts to be created are Chasefu and Lumezi Districts. He said two other districts to be called Kasenengwa and Chipangali will be created out of Chipata District, while Lusangazi District will be created out of Msanzala Constituency in Petauke District. Mr. Tembo explained that during the creation of the new districts, one of the Commission's roles is to ensure that the new district boundaries do not conflict with the electoral boundaries. He said that the Commission also works with the Town Planners to formulate narratives for the new district boundaries. Mr. Tembo further told The ECZ Monthly that the team was holding a series of meetings with stakeholders, which were also attended by traditional leaders in the respective districts to agree on the boundaries as well as the location of the town centres.   ......................... For this and more stories read the ECZ Monthly of October, 2017