PR Team Attends Strategy Workshop

The aim of the Public Relations department is to promote the mandate of the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ), its visibility and credibility through the provision of accurate, relevant and timely information to stakeholders. Any communication to stakeholders should be in line with the ECZ principles and values that demonstrate professionalism, clarity of vision and respect for others’ opinions. Communication is an essential part of every transaction between coworkers, management and staff as well as Commission representatives and stakeholders. Effective communication facilitates the exchange of information between parties, which is necessary to perform all operations. Hence, the work of the PR department plays a key role in how stakeholders, staff and the general public perceive the Commission. They develop messages to deliver to various audiences and suggest new initiatives to keep the Commission on the cutting edge of communication with their stakeholders. Thus, to stay in line with modern trends in the industry staff from the department attended a workshop dubbed “Modern Corporate Affairs Strategy” in Lusaka today. With modern technological advancements and changes in the business landscape, Public Relations (PR) cannot afford to remain stuck in the past due to the integral part it plays in the effective and efficient growth of an organisation. Therefore, to remain relevant, the Public Relations departments need to learn new strategies and understand the latest trends on the market. The objective of the training, facilitated by Premier HR Services, was to strategically position and align PR departments to the overall Communication Strategy through equipping participants with modern tools and practices in this digital era. The training further promoted pro-active mindsets as opposed to reactive ones in the day to day activities of the Public Relations function within organisations. This Strategic Training for PR staff from the Commission will help improve stakeholder expectations, enhance outreach efforts of the department as well as promote strategic thinking of staff in the PR department.