Voter Education Centre Hosts Kanyama Disabled Persons Association

The Voter Education Centre (VEC) at the Lusaka Showgrounds received the Kanyama Disabled Persons Association on 11th May, 2017. Kanyama Disabled Persons Association is a membership organisation for persons with disabilities in Kanyama, Lusaka. Association Chairperson Mr. Master Sililo Situmbeko, said that members of his Association had learnt a lot about elections in Zambia, “we have learnt about how to vote and that we can participate fully in elections in Zambia”, Mr. Situmbeko said. Mr. Situmbeko said that his organisation heard about the Voter Education Centre when the Commission invited his organisation for a workshop later last year. And Voter Education Officer Mr. Isaac Muyuni said that the Commission had facilitated the participation of the Association with provision of transportation to the VEC in the Showgrounds “We are expecting up to 1000 visitors from the Kanyama Disabled Persons Association between the period 11th May, 2017 to 15th June, 2017” said Mr. Muyuni. Mr. Muyuni further said that the VEC should be visited by Commission Staff who have not yet visited the Centre. The Electoral Commission of Zambia's Voter Education Centre is open to the public on working days from 09:00 hrs to 16:00 hrs to provide continuous Voter Education to members of the general public. The Centre provides resources on elections in Zambia in a variety of formats. The Voter Education Officer, Mr Isaac Muyuni and one of the Voter Education Assistants; are on hand everyday to meet visitors and conduct Voter Education at the Centre.